The 1997 Marathon: Infinity scenario, Marathon: Atlantis

Background - the one that started it all

Announced in May of 1997 and released in September, Marathon: Atlantis was the first major project released by the team of young mapmakers who would become known as the Atlantis Crew. It has 6 scenario maps and 4 network maps for deathmatch play. It was originally a map-only modification pack for the 1996 Macintosh game, Marathon: Infinity, by Bungie Software. A bug-fix update, known as Atlantis Gold, was released on Easter of 1998. In 2004, a second update, known simply as Atlantis Version 3, was released in two editions: One utilizing the original Marathon: Infinity retail texture set and another using the Atlantis Crew's own Dusk Texture set, which is available free on the Beyond Aurora page of this website.

In the distant future, you have been pulled away from your vacation to once more do battle to save yet another starship, the Atlantis. Abandoned and lifeless for more than 60 years, you enter the decks to eliminate the presence of something not human. Your mission: Find the survivors, salvage the ship, and turn the ship on to escape the gravity of the nearby planet rich in minerals that would be of great use to the entire universe.

Storyline - cross between marathon and dune?

In the 23rd century, a rare precious mineral, known as Diithlaxium and used to power faster-than-light travel, is discovered 67 light years away on a planet called Resucamdiva. A space race of sorts is launched featuring the colonized planets of the solar system racing to be the first to claim the mineral deposit. Earth, Mercury, Mars and Pluto all launched ships. Many years pass and soon the race is forgotten. Eventually the Mars ship, the Atlantis, is the last ship from the solar system closing in on the planet rich with ore, the others having broken down in one-way or another. Suddenly, two alien races known as the S’pht and Pfhor attack Atlantis. A distress signal was sent and took about 67 years to reach Earth.

At thetime the signal was received, a marine who is a veteran of the deadliest battles in UESC space history is enjoying a well-deserved vacation aboard the floating resort, Rubelasia, in Earth’s high atmosphere. He is called away from his vacation to be sped away to Atlantis for search and possible rescue.

Project Milestones

   June 10 - "Atlantis" Version 3 for use with Dusk Textures Released
   May 9 - "Atlantis" Version 3 for use with Infinity Textures Released

   June 2 - "Atlantis Gold" (Marathon: Atlantis Version 2.1) Released
   April 12 - "Atlantis Gold" (Marathon: Atlantis Version 2.0) Released
   January - Included on "Mac Addict" Magazine's Cover CD (Issue 17)

   December - Included on "Mac Addict" Magazine's Cover CD (Issue 16)
   September 17 - "Marathon: Atlantis" v1.0 released
   May - "Marathon: Atlantis" Announced

Atlantis version 3 using the Infinity textures

Requirements: Marathon Infinity and/or Aleph One
.zip format • Mac/PC • 3.3 MB
Atlantis version 3 using the Dusk Texture Set

Requirements: Aleph One and the Dusk Texture Set
.zip format • Mac/PC • 3.3 MB
Dusk Texture Set

Requirements: Aleph One
.zip format • Mac/PC • 30.8 MB
Includes 500 new textures!
Need Marathon Infinity? Get it free here:

Need Aleph One? Get it free here:
Which version is right for me?

If you do not want to deal with installing the Dusk Texture set, download the version of Atlantis that has been made for use with the original Marathon Infinity textures. You may use either the original Infinity engine or the open source Aleph One engine to play.

If you would like to play Atlantis using updated high-resolution textures for both walls and monsters, download the version of Atlantis that has been made for use with the Dusk Texture Set. To properly see this version of the game, you must have Aleph One and the Dusk Texture set which is available for download above. Installation instructions for the new textures are included!

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